About Me
After working with wood as a cabinet maker/joiner/carpenter for many years I discovered the joy of turning in 2000.
The freedom the lathe provides is unlike any other form of woodworking and involves a lot of instant creativity. Most of my wood comes from local arborists and tree surgeons and there is always some hidden gem within it waiting to be discovered.

I rarely do repetitive items and constantly explore possibilities and design opportunities as they present themselves, sometimes as a result of an error. I turn to satisfy my inner need to create and if I create something that is desirable to others then mission accomplished.

The pieces displayed here are just a few of the hundreds I've produced and will be replaced as others become available.
I hope you enjoy your visit with me on this site, and if you need any further information about items you see, or wood turning in general, please use the Contact Link and I will get back to you as quickly as possible